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Sothys Hotel Spa

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What if you could play hide and seek with time? Discover the benefits of a nature cultivated as an art of living? Feel the emotion of taking care of yourself with products of infinite purity?

Discover Sothys Paris, cosmetics for Spa Hotels

Dive into the sparkling world of Sothys, a brand of galenic products highly specialized in the preservation of beauty and nature. Propelled to success by human and family values, Sothys has a long tradition of quality and excellence dating back over 70 years. Today, it has more than 15,000 institutes and spas in 120 countries in the world鈥檚 most prestigious hotels. 聽

Because each skin is unique, Sothys has developed a complete range of treatments that respond to each problem in a targeted manner.聽

Sothys Hotel Spa : Between efficiency, technicality and sensoriality

Discover customized programs, meticulously designed to protect and reveal your body.

Sothys for Professionals offers international programs. And with a formidable performance! Indeed, they are based on the complementarity between highly sophisticated treatments provided in the cabin and daily home care to prolong the effect. In addition to the excellent galenic and cosmeceutical productsoffered, you can benefit from the advantages of Digi-Esth茅tique庐. This avant-garde aesthetic expertise, of which Sothys is the sole owner, combines different methods. 聽It includes digito-pressure and modeling techniques that are halfway between the East and the West.

Effective and holistic, these treatments are of an unusual sensoriality that testifies to a prodigious commitment to research. This is reflected in the variety of textures and fragrances that you can choose according to your desires.

The company also makes it a point of honor to offer you an experience of absolute relaxation at home. In this sense, Sothys products offer you the possibility to benefit from professional products at home, on sale online or in specialized shops.

Sothys products: responsible beauty, respectful of the skin and the environment.

Sothys Paris products include everything you need to maintain your beauty ritual through the generations: masks, day care, creams, night care, booster鈥 For women as well as for men!

Our opinion on Sothys for hotel & spa

In the changing world of beauty, Sothys is constantly looking for new solutions. Inspired by the study of plants and the well-being traditions of several cultures, the brand is today an added value for all hotels with spas equipped with its products.

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Why use Sothys Paris cosmetic products ?

Sothys is a jewel in the world of wellness institutes and spas, which fascinates by its results. Thanks to its commitment to innovation and the environment, it is now a reference both in private homes and in the world’s most beautiful hotels.

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