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Most beautiful hotels with Spa or Thalasso:North

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The North…as we all know, it’s not the first destination that comes to mind when you want to go away for a weekend or a holiday (unless of course you don’t live too far away).

You may be afraid that the weather will be rainy or that you will simply be bored. But think again! You can believe us, the North is associated with many prejudices and yet this territory is full of riches, spa hotels and activities of all kinds. Follow us to discover this beautiful part of France.

Royal Hainaut Spa & Resort Hotel

Hotel Spa Valenciennes


Push open the doors of the Royal Hainaut Spa & Resort Hotel and enjoy the unique experience of a journey back in time !

Spa hotel stay in the North

Once you’ve seen the spa hotel accommodation available in the North and made your choice, it’s time to look at the must-sees and activities to do. Let us convince you through these few lines that there is no lack of ideas. On the contrary, the editors of Unique Hôtel Spa are convinced that you will not have had time to see everything and that you will come back to the Nord to learn more about this department with a strong historical heritage and very rich culturally and gastronomically speaking. Between the beaches and the sumptuous seaside resorts, the magnificent city of Lille, the museums and the gastronomic restaurants, you are bound to find something to discover or rediscover.

Romantic stay in the North

If you have decided to escape with your wife or husband to the North for a few days and are looking for original activities that are sure to please, we guarantee that you have come to the right place. This territory, although it doesn’t look like it, is ideal for a romantic getaway.

Lille is probably the first city that comes to mind when you are asked to name a city in the North. Bingo, you’ve done it, it’s located in the North! You probably know the capital of Flanders for its “Grand Braderie”, one of the biggest gatherings in France, but did you know that this destination is full of nuggets? Follow the guide, we will give you some ideas that you can do together. Get on board the 2CV and discover all the history and secrets of the city of Lille thanks to a passionate and exciting driver/guide. Let yourself be amazed by the architectural beauty, the picturesque streets and the riches of this sumptuous city. Depending on the route you choose, you will discover the Vauban citadel, the Treille cathedral, the Grand’place, the Belfry, the Sebastropole theatre, the Old Town and much more.

Then for some timeless moments, stroll hand in hand and exchange sweet nothings by the beaches of the North. The beach of Leffrinckoucke, the beach of Grand-Fort-Philippe, the beach of Gravelines, the beach of Malo-les-Bains, the beach of Bray-Dunes (the last one before Belgium) will offer you enchanting settings. To experience unforgettable and poetic moments, we have a great idea for you! We advise you to walk along these long beaches as far as the eye can see at sunrise. Take a stroll and pause to admire the sky blazing and the orange sun beginning to peek over the horizon and be reflected in the sea water. Let the sound of the waves lull you to sleep. You’ll have to get up early, very early, but believe us, you won’t regret it! These are moments you will remember! Fancy some sport? Go for a gallop on these immense beaches of blond sand and hills. But don’t worry, you don’t need to be an expert rider to enjoy this experience.

Wellness weekend ideas in the Nord

If you want to get away from your “metro, work, sleep” routine or simply enjoy a moment of relaxation away from it all with family or friends, the Nord department will suit you perfectly! With its endless beaches, its sumptuous hotels with spas and all its many wellness activities, this often underrated corner of France has not finished surprising you.

Try the practice of longe-côte, also called sea walking, in Dunkirk. This sport originates from the North of France and more particularly from Dunkerque and simply consists in walking in the sea, immersed up to the middle of the stomach. So are you ready to try this adventure? You won’t be disappointed. Indeed, by opting for such an activity you will enjoy all the benefits of water. And we can tell you that they are numerous. With coastal lunging, you will improve your blood pressure and work on your endurance. In any case, this aquatic excursion will boost your respiratory, cardiac, muscular and circulatory systems.

Afterwards, take the time to enjoy the fresh air.  To continue your wellness moments, we recommend that you take some time to do yoga or sophrology on one of the northern beaches. Relaxation and meditation are the key words during your sessions. Just what you need after a hard week’s work.

Finally, if you are simply looking for a luxurious hotel with a spa, hammam, jacuzzi, massages, treatments… you are also in the right place. We have a few to introduce you to that we are sure will seduce you. Among those we know, we recommend you try the Royal Hainaut Spa & Resort Hotel in Valenciennes. When you open the doors of this jewel of a hotel, you will first be amazed by the unique architecture before discovering the spa area, which is also exceptional. No less than 1,200 m² with hammam, sauna, heated swimming pool under blue stone vaults and fitness room await you for your moment of relaxation. You can also enjoy a facial or body treatment.

The Hermitage Gantois Lille also offers you the opportunity to relax in an unusual setting. Indeed, this museum hotel with no less than 5 centuries of history offers 5 treatment rooms including 2 duos, a hammam, a swimming pool (note that it is the only spa in the city to have a heated pool). In short, we can advise you to treat yourself to an enchanted interlude in this spa. You will enjoy all the benefits of aromatherapy and chromotherapy.

Hotels such as the Best Western Urban Hotel – Rococo Restaurant in Lille, the Chatellerie de Schoebeque in Cassel and the Espace Zen’ing in Gondecourt are also ideal for a weekend of well-being.

Luxurious inspirations in the North

You might think that the North is far from being a luxurious part of France! Again, this is a prejudice. The Unique Hotel Spa team is determined to prove you wrong by presenting you with some luxurious ideas that can be realised in this part of France.

You’ve probably already heard of the Piscine de Roubaix, also known as the André-Diligent Museum of Art and Industry, but did you know that, in addition to browsing through the collections and exhibitions, you can also attend a pilates class in such an exceptional setting? What a luxury to be able to combine culture and relaxation in a timeless place like this!

Other museums in the North will not leave you indifferent and will captivate you with their collections. Among them, we suggest the Musée des Beaux Arts in Valenciennes, the Palais des Beaux-Arts in Lille or the Musée Portuaire in Dunkirk.

Otherwise, for a change from your cinema outings, we recommend attending a play or a show in one of the theatres in Lille or Dunkirk.

Finally, the last epicurean activity we recommend: lunch or dinner in a gastronomic restaurant. Take advantage of this getaway to discover the culinary specialities of the North or savour exceptional dishes in Michelin-starred gastronomic restaurants. All you have to do is put your feet under the table. The chefs at La Table – Hôtel Clarance and Le Restaurant du Cerisier in Lille will prepare delicious dishes for you.

Sightseeing tour / weekend in the North

Now that you have an idea of the activities that can be done in the Nord, it is time to prepare a plan to make the most of your time there. Many questions such as what activities to do first, where to sleep, are running through your mind. Unique Hôtel Spa has decided to help you and proposes below an idea of a tourist circuit for a weekend in the North. You are then free to use it.

To answer your question: where to sleep, we advise you to book a room or a suite in the Hermitage Gantois spa hotel in Lille. You will have a wonderful stay thanks to the attentive staff and to all the services that will be at your disposal (restaurants, bar, spa…)

Day 1: Visit of Lille

After your arrival in Lille or your first night in your spa hotel, set off to discover Lille. In the morning, explore the smallest corners of the capital of Flanders and admire the Grand’Place, the Old Lille district, the picturesque streets and the citadel of Lille. At lunchtime, take an invigorating break at the gastronomic restaurant Le Cerisiers*. In the afternoon, continue your walk in the Lille plant garden. If you have time, head out of town to visit the Villa Cavroix in Croix. This house is the most accomplished of the architect Robert Mallet-Stevens, a figure of the modernist movement. Finally, to end your day, on your return to the hotel spa, allow yourself a well-deserved moment of relaxation in the hotel’s wellness area.

Day 2: Malo-les-Bains beach

For this second day in the area, we advise you to take the car towards Dunkerque and stop at the beach of Malo-les-Bains. There you can have a picnic on the beach, enjoy the view of the horizon and be lulled by the sound of the waves. If you have time to spare, watch the sunset in the evening.

The Nord department (part of the Hauts-de-France region) is an ideal territory for a stay with your partner, friends or family. Even if it’s not the first department you think of when you want to get away from your daily routine, it has many surprises in store for you. If you have followed us so far, you will know that the Nord has some great cities (Lille, Valenciennes, Dunkerque, Douai), some outstanding wellness spots and, above all, some luxurious spa hotels.

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