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Almora Botanica Hotel Spa


鈥淎 beautiful, radiant woman is fundamentally a woman who loves herself. This unique and very personal beauty is born of an intimate and essential reconnection between spirit, beauty and skin; one that each woman can develop and strengthen over time.鈥 鈥 Sylvie Lefranc

Discover Almora Botanica, cosmetics for Hotel Spa & Individuals

Almora Botanica celebrates conscious beauty, sublimated by the expression of pure, elegant, beautiful skin. The fusion of Ayurveda and Face Yoga Fitness creates a powerful synergy: Ayurveda provides the basis for balance and well-being, while Face Yoga Fitness works on skin radiance and facial structure.

We believe in a new era of skincare and Ayurvedic medicine.

Ancient traditions and modern perspectives with Almora Botanica

Almora Botanica鈥檚 thinking takes us far beyond the skin, wishing to enable everyone to live their beauty to the full; and reconnect mind, body and skin.

Natural Ayurvedic skincare solutions, combined with Face Yoga Fitness, are specifically adapted to today鈥檚 demanding modern lifestyle 鈥 helping to rejuvenate the skin, naturally and effectively. It鈥檚 a holistic approach to beauty: the values of Yoga and Ayurveda are closely linked.

Living a meaningful existence, appreciating the present moment, living a balanced and healthy life.

Botanical science.

ALMORA is a region nestled in the Himalayan mountains, famous for its remarkable biodiversity. Over the millennia, its unique plant ecosystem has adapted to withstand the most extreme climatic conditions.

These powerful, adaptogenic Ayurvedic plants help the skin to manage stress and restore balance. They are an integral part of Almora Botanica formulations.

The brand鈥檚 exclusive complex 鈥 SAPTA COMPLEX漏 鈥 is made up of an exclusive blend of 7 natural oils 鈥 exploiting an innovative technology for ultra-fast diffusion of super-ingredients into the heart of skin cells.

Ravi Prasad - fondateur d'Almaro Botanica

A new vision of beauty

Ayurveda is my passion and my life鈥檚 commitment. At the heart of my thinking is the desire to live more healthily and consciously. With Almora Botanica, I wanted to develop the purest of skincare lines, offering the highest quality Ayurvedic and adaptogenic ingredients, validated by modern science鈥.

  • Ravi Prasad 鈥 founder of Almora Botanica

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Here you can discover the brand鈥檚 many skincare products, classified according to gender, age and skin type!

Discover facial yoga with Sylvie Lefranc

Sylvie Lefranc is an international Face Yoga expert. With a lifelong passion for skin and cosmetics, she teaches women aged 20 and over effective solutions for developing and maintaining radiant skin and a reshaped oval, combining method, techniques and practice on the 57 muscles of the face and neck.

Maintaining facial muscles

Start with 5 minutes a day for fast, effective results.

Discover the benefits of Face Yoga:

  1. Toning hypotonic muscles and smoothing hypertonic muscles
  2. Learn to correct bad habits such as expression contractions on the forehead muscle
  3. Learn self-massages and facial acupressure to promote collagen and elastin production, accelerate cell renewal and improve facial energy circulation.
  4. Practice Hatha Yoga and Yin Yoga to tone and rebalance the body and take care of the emotions.
Yoga du Visage - Position 2
Yoga du Visage - Position 1

A shared philosophy of modern beauty by Sylvie Lefranc and Ravi PRASAD

鈥淲e鈥檙e delighted to be collaborating together; committed to the same conception of beauty: cultivated in its own style, an elegant face naturally embellished over time, skin sublimated by our exceptional ingredients from Ayurvedic pharmacopoeia, and an immoderate passion for facial yoga, a true natural facelift.鈥