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Snö Eternelle

“Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always sought out natural methods of care.” RaphaĂ«lle Monod-Sjöström, founder of Snö Eternelle

Discover Snö Eternelle, the first “FRESH” natural cosmetics range for Spa Hotels

In a world where luxury and well-being intertwine, Snö Eternelle stands as a beacon of purity and elegance, guiding souls in search of beauty and health. Founded by Raphaëlle Monod-Sjöström, a renowned ski champion of the world, this brand embodies a perfect harmony between the passion for sport and the quest for authenticity. Each product is an ode to nature, crafted with unique expertise and special attention to the most sensitive skins.

SNĂ– Eternelle was born from a personal mission: to develop a 100% natural and organic solution essential for the care of sensitive skins.

Snö Eternelle Hôtel Spa Raphaelle

Snö Eternelle Hotel Spa: Excellence and Authenticity for Fresh Mountain Care

In the R&D studio nestled in the heart of the French mountains, Snö Eternelle cultivates its treasures. Here, facial treatments, oils, balms, and soaps are developed with scientific rigor, while drawing from the pure essence of organic medicinal plants. Their formulas, true masterpieces of natural cosmetics, promise flawless effectiveness and an unforgettable sensory experience.

When immersing oneself in the universe of a hotel spa equipped by Snö Eternelle, its 100% natural and environmentally friendly range reveals itself as an ideal companion. Its products, true jewels of nature, harmonize perfectly with the serene and luxurious ambiance of the spas. They offer a gentle and effective response to the specific needs of clients seeking relaxation and care in demanding environments.

Snö Eternelle: Fresh Cosmetics, with 5 Essentials for a 100% Natural Beauty Routine

SNĂ– Eternelle stands out with its fresh cosmetics, a unique innovation in the field. Freshness ensures maximum effectiveness of the products, as the active ingredients do not undergo degradation over time. Moreover, this allows their products to be extremely pure, 100% natural, without artificial preservatives or synthetic additives, often used to extend the shelf life of cosmetics.

The five essential treatments for sensitive skin by Snö Eternelle are:

  1. MA CREME SOURCE : A non-greasy hydrating serum that leaves the skin soft and velvety, enriched with plant-based hyaluronic acid to prevent water loss. Ideal for dry skin, mix with eternal oil for application.
  2. MON HUILE ETERNELLE : An anti-aging dry oil, rich in antioxidants and omega 3, 6, 9, ideal for delicate and mature skin. A pure synergy of 4 precious oils, including Scandinavian rose, sea buckthorn seed oil, raspberry seed oil and cranberry seed oil.
  3. MON BAUME MIRACULEUX : A multi-use vegan care for dry or irritated skin, usable as a mask, lip balm, or cold cream. Formulated with natural oils such as calendula, raspberry, and wheat germ.
  4. MON SOIN NETTOYANT VISAGE : A natural cold-processed soap, moisturizing and rich in nourishing ingredients composed of 100% organic vegetable oils enriched with cold extract of Bauges Mallow flowers. Ideal for fragile and delicate skin.
  5. MON MASSAGE SPORTIF : A concentrated warming body oil, ideal for muscle relaxation, sports preparation and recovery. Contains essential oils of immortelle and wintergreen for their anti-inflammatory properties.

Our Opinion on Snö Eternelle

With a growing consumer trend towards environmentally friendly products and skin care, Snö Eternelle stands out by offering 100% natural cosmetics that are certified BIO Cosmos Organic.

Made in France, its products such as facial treatments, oils, balms, and soaps, are presented in eco-friendly packaging, reflecting its commitment to quality and sustainability.

The most beautiful hotels with spa equipped Snö Eternelle

Why use Snö Eternelle cosmetics?

Using the 5 Snö Eternelle treatments offers a complete cosmetic experience, combining naturalness, effectiveness and eco-responsibility for beauty enthusiasts.

Snö Eternelle Hotel Spa Cosmetics

Snö Eternelle Hotel Spa Cosmetics

Snö Eternelle Hotel Spa Cosmetics

Snö Eternelle Hotel Spa Cosmetics