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Domaine du Hirtz


The Domaine du Hirtz welcomes you in a typical Haut-Rhin green setting. It offers various types of accommodation, a restaurant and a private wellness area (Nordic Spa, hammam, private jacuzzi...). Calm, authenticity and nature will punctuate your stay in this spa hotel in Alsace.

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Façonnable – French Riviera since 1950

Situé au dernier étage et offrant une vue panoramique extraordinaire, le restaurant Ceto est totalement dédié à l’un des thèmes préférés de Mauro : la mer.

The Maybourne Riviera : Ceto: Mediterranean gastronomy takes you by surprise!

Dermo Ocean Spa Algotherm

The revival of an iconic brand

Institut Thalgo

New concept outlet: “L’Institut Thalgo”

Hall d'entrée de Villa Maia Lyon

Villa Maïa joins forces with Biologique Recherche 🌟

Other news

Hameau des Baux, a new Arty hotel in the heart of Provence

The mythical and generous Provence is reincarnated at Hameau des Baux, a new destination dedicated to life’s aesthetes.

EUGÉNIE, a world in itself

Les Prés d’Eugénie is a unique estate of historic residences arranged in hamlets, nestling in a sumptuous 15-hectare park.

La Maison Verchant : A guest house combining tradition and modernity

Between creativity and sobriety, La Maison Verchant offers a refined Occitan holiday experience for guests in search of charm and softness. Ideal for a weekend with friends or family, adjoining the Domaine de Verchant, this contemporary guest house has a unique atmosphere.

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Unique Hôtel Spa Sothys Printemps

Sothys Paris

A clever combination of efficiency, technicality and sensoriality: Unique Hotel Spa goes to discover Sothys Paris, a must in the cosmetics industry that will take you back to your roots through the escape of the senses!

Since 1946, the Sothys Group has been a family business synonymous with excellence and prestige, constantly renewing its quest for extreme refinement with new proposals such as the new signature treatment Indonesia Ancestral.


Almora Botanica

Almora Botanica celebrates conscious beauty, sublimated by the expression of pure, elegant, beautiful skin. The fusion of Ayurveda and Face Yoga Fitness creates a powerful synergy: Ayurveda provides the basis for balance and well-being, while Face Yoga Fitness works on skin radiance and facial structure.

Sno Eternelle

In a world where luxury and well-being are intertwined, Snö Eternelle stands as a beacon of purity and elegance, guiding souls in search of beauty and health. Founded by Raphaëlle Monod-Sjöström, a renowned world champion skier, the brand embodies the perfect harmony between a passion for sport and a quest for authenticity.

Snö Eternelle Hôtel Spa Raphaelle


With Skidress, you’re assured of an elegant, casual look, with timeless pieces, tailored cuts and quality fabrics that win over both sporty and city dwellers. The “French touch” is at the heart of the Skidress DNA, adding irresistible charm to your look.

Skidress, l'élégance Sport-Chic depuis seulement 90 ans !


Façonnable celebrates the art of fashion with a rich history, dating back to its foundation in 1950 in Nice. The brand, chosen by celebrities such as Cary Grant, symbolizes timeless elegance that spans the decades. Its collections reflect unique design and unrivalled Façonnable style

Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc

Saint-Gervais thermal spring water, mineral components for skin care. Thanks to its age-old journey deep into the mountains, Saint-Gervais Mont Blanc thermal spring water and its active minerals act on the skin with healing, repairing and soothing effects.

Everything to Know About Spa Hotels

What is a spa hotel?

A spa hotel is a hotel establishment that not only offers quality accommodation for one or more nights but also a wellness center equipped for relaxation and fitness. Beyond just a simple hotel room with a jacuzzi, a true spa hotel offers personalized treatments (massages, skincare, etc.), a swimming pool, a jacuzzi, a steam room, as well as other aquatic and water fun facilities. These establishments are oases of tranquility designed to provide a complete experience of relaxation and well-being.

Staying at a spa hotel is the ideal opportunity to relax and rejuvenate. Between soothing treatments, beneficial massages, and access to relaxation facilities such as a heated pool, sauna, and steam room, guests can experience total relaxation in a tranquil space. Spa hotels also offer the opportunity to discover emblematic places in France from Alsace to PACA or the Alps, passing through cities like Paris and Strasbourg, thereby enriching the stay experience.

Staying at a spa hotel means not only enjoying an incomparable night’s rest in a comfortable room or suite but also accessing relaxation facilities and wellness treatments that turn each night into an unforgettable experience.

A spa weekend is also an opportunity to discover the culinary delights of the establishment in the restaurant with healthy lunch options and refined dinners that contribute to your well-being approach. The quality of the meals, from lunch to dinner, contributes to the overall experience, bringing satisfaction and balance.

France is full of exceptional spa hotels, each offering a unique experience. To choose the best spa hotel, it is advisable to consult previous customer reviews available on specialized sites or directly on the hotel’s website. However, the choice should be based on your personal preferences regarding destination, services offered (such as thalasso treatments or rooms with a private jacuzzi or sauna), and budget.

Prices for one night in a Spa Hotel can start from 80€, offering a wide range of options for each night spent from 3-star to luxurious 5-star establishments suitable for all budgets.

To fully enjoy your stay, relaxing nights, and each offer, consider booking your treatments in advance to ensure a worry-free experience from your first night.

A spa weekend offers a multitude of activities focused on well-being and relaxation. Visitors can enjoy various spa treatments such as massages, facial treatments, and body treatments, as well as access to facilities such as jacuzzis, heated pools, saunas, and steam rooms.

Moreover, some spa or thalasso hotels organize activities such as yoga sessions, massage workshops, hiking, and culinary tastings at the restaurant (a lunch by the pool or a dinner under the stars), thus allowing for a holistic relaxation experience. But you can just as well stay in your room…

While similar in their goal of promoting well-being, thalassotherapy stays and spa stays differ mainly in the use of seawater in thalassotherapy.

This uses the therapeutic benefits of seawater and marine products for health, while spas offer a wide range of wellness treatments in a luxurious setting, often using fresh water for treatments.

Both types of establishments offer facilities dedicated to relaxation and fitness but with distinct approaches and benefits.

To fully enjoy your spa or thalasso stay, start by choosing your destination and establishment (city, nature, sea, etc.) based on the facilities and treatments offered. Check reviews to select a hotel that meets your expectations in terms of quality and services. Don’t forget to discover the treatment menu in advance to plan your relaxing activities.

Prepare your suitcase with everything necessary for your comfort and relaxation, including swimwear, comfortable clothing, and personal care products. Finally, book your stay by opting, if possible, for offers that are cancellable and refundable for more flexibility.

When preparing your stay, consider booking packages including lunch and dinner to fully enjoy the hotel spa’s gastronomic experience. A light lunch and a gourmet dinner can perfectly complement your day of relaxation, combining bodily well-being and culinary pleasure.

It is entirely possible to book a last-minute spa stay (and even take advantage of a discount). Some establishments offer reduced rates for last-minute bookings to fill their available rooms.

These offers may include spa treatments, access to relaxation spaces like the heated pool or sauna, and sometimes even additional benefits such as a late checkout. It is recommended to regularly check hotel websites or specialized booking platforms to discover these offers.

To ensure the flexibility of your booking, check the cancellation and refund conditions of the establishment before booking. Many spa hotels offer refundable or cancellable rates with a minimum notice period, allowing customers to change their plans without penalty. These details are usually available on the hotel’s website or directly during the booking process. Opting for cancellable and refundable offers is especially recommended for those who wish to maintain flexibility in their travel plans.

Spa hotels have implemented strict health protocols to ensure the safety of their clients and staff. These measures may include regular cleaning and disinfection of public and private spaces, adherence to social distancing in relaxation areas such as pools or saunas, and the provision of hand sanitizer.

Specific procedures may vary from one establishment to another, so it is advisable to contact the spa hotel directly for detailed information on their health policy.

Spa hotels provide an ideal setting for organizing seminars, team meetings, or corporate events focused on well-being. Many establishments have equipped meeting rooms and offer packages that include access to relaxation facilities, team-building activities, and treatments (such as massages) for participants. Organizing your event in a spa hotel allows you to combine work and relaxation, thus fostering team cohesion and employee well-being.

Spa hotels continue to innovate by offering an increasingly diverse range of treatments tailored to the current needs of clients. Recent wellness and massage trends include treatments using organic and natural products, sound therapies, hot stone massages, or treatments inspired by ancient practices from different cultures. Moreover, the integration of technology into treatments, such as virtual reality applications for meditation, is gaining popularity. These trends reflect the commitment of spa hotels to offer innovative and personalized wellness experiences.

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Sothys Paris is a luxury cosmetics brand exclusively for institutes and spas. Since 1946, it has been chosen by over 15,000 sales outlets worldwide.

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A pioneer in oxygen and ultrasound treatments, Ronit and Professor Shinitsky have revolutionized the science of skin care with exclusive innovations.

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Valcena Paris

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Reinventing beauty while taking nature’s desires into account, with a respectfully organic and responsible cosmetology that makes no compromise between efficacy and safety.