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Most beautiful hotels with Spa or Thalasso:Charente

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You probably know the name of the department of Charente, in the west of France, which is part of the region of Nouvelle-Aquitaine. But when you are asked to name a town associated with this territory or, even worse, to locate this department on the map of France, you immediately panic. Sometimes you even confuse it with the Charente-Maritime, which is just next door.

So yes we agree with you, it is not the most famous place in France, the most touristic but believe us, spending your holidays or weekends far from the crowd, in a remote place of France, is more than beneficial! The whole team at Unique Hôtel Spa is ready to prove to you that you will have a wonderful stay in the Charente. Let’s get started!

Hotel Chais Monnet & Spa

Hotel Spa Cognac


The Hotel Spa Chais Monnet & Spa is ideal for a romantic stay in Charente-Maritime. Also, the city of Cognac is not short on cultural, sporting or culinary activities.

Spa hotel stay in Charente

Now that you have decided to go to the Charente, chosen your spa hotel and your room or suite, it is time to move on to the next phase. Here you are at the most fun stage of organising a trip: choosing the activities! But it may be that after a lot of research on websites, in magazines, in paper guides, you are still not convinced. Don’t worry, you will find what you need. The editors of Unique Hôtel Spa know every corner of this beautiful French territory. And today, you’re in luck, we’re ready to reveal them to you. Between the visit of the city of Cognac, Angoulême, vineyards, culture and heritage, walks and hikes, you are not going to get bored.

Romantic stay in Charente

Once you’ve told your partner that you’re taking him or her to discover the riches of the Charente for a few days or a weekend, it’s time to start thinking about the activities you’ll be able to do. The search may be rather complex due to a lack of time or simply because you have not yet managed to find the original activity that will please your other half. Don’t worry, you’re bound to find something that suits you. The editors of Unique Hotel Spa are never short of ideas. Here are a few ideas that we have found just for you.

Of course, if you are visiting this part of France, Cognac is the place to be. You have already heard the name of this town at least once. It is quite normal, it is known all over the world thanks to its brandy. To surprise your wife or husband, take a tour of the Cognac vineyards in a 2CV. Postcard landscapes on the vineyards and encounters will punctuate your ride. You will drive along the roads of the great Champagne region, discover the Château de Garde épée, the Château de Bourg-Charente, the Abbaye de Bassac, visit the Baume de Bouteville factory and learn the secrets of the Cognac distillery.

Are you an early riser? For a unique experience, book a hot air balloon flight over Cognac, the Lakes of Haute-Charente or Angoulême. You will discover the Charente in a different way and believe us, you won’t be disappointed.

After this unusual activity, go for a walk around the lakes of Charente. Amongst them, we recommend Lake Guizengeard, with its crystal blue water and Lake Lavaud.

Wellness weekend ideas in Charente

The Charente department is also an ideal area for relaxing alone, as a couple, with family or friends. With its fitness centres, sumptuous spa hotels and yoga centres, this corner of France has everything you need for a weekend of relaxation and well-being.

Step inside Pure’N Spa in Angoulême and discover a temple of serenity. Here, you will enjoy a jacuzzi, a hammam, an herbal tea room and even treatments. Moments of pure relaxation await you.

If you like yoga, we recommend that you book a session at Shakti Yoga in Angoulême. You will enjoy all the benefits of this sport activity and will come out much more relaxed and zen.

Finally, if you simply want to relax in the wellness centre of a spa hotel, we have a few addresses to recommend. Among all the hotels we know, the Chais Monnet & Spa hotel in Cognac stands out. Indeed, the 700 m² spa with its clear and uncluttered look offers you many facilities. You will find an indoor/outdoor heated swimming pool, a jacuzzi, a hammam, a sauna, a sensory shower, treatment rooms including one for two, a fitness room and a lounge. This is certainly the perfect place to relax.

Another hotel accommodation with spa is also worth a visit. This is the Domaine des Etangs, Charente luxury hotel in Massignac. This 5-star luxury hotel houses a unique wellness area in its former mill. You will feel closer to nature.

Luxurious inspirations in the Charente

You may not know it, but the Charente is full of luxurious activities. You are bound to find something to do in this beautiful part of France!

The region is full of houses that belonged to famous people. These include the Château de Cognac (the birthplace of François I), the Château de La Rochefoucauld and the Château de Balzac.

Continue your tour of the Charente by taking a barge or gabarre from Cognac or Angoulême. These river trips will immerse you in an enchanting setting.  Let yourself be lulled along the water by the sound of the birds and admire the magnificent landscapes.

Programme idea for a stay / weekend in Charente

If you are still looking for an exceptional hotel with spa, we recommend the Chais Monnet & Spa hotel in Cognac.

Day 1: Visit the town of Cognac

After your arrival in Cognac, or your first night in your spa hotel, we recommend that you set out to discover the wonders of Cognac. Explore the remains of the Middle Ages, the Château de Cognac or the Musée des savoir-faire du Cognac. For your lunch, we suggest you indulge in the delicious dishes of the hotel’s gourmet restaurant, Le Foudres. Following this break, board a luxury car to take in exceptional views of the Cognac vineyards. Finally, after your first day in the Charente, relax in the hotel’s wellness centre. Relax in the hammam, jacuzzi, sauna…a great way to end this first day.

Day 2: Visit of La Rochelle

For your second day, we suggest you take the road in the direction of Charente-Maritime and more particularly of La Rochelle to benefit from the sea air. Stroll along the old port, wander through the old town and the historic heart of La Rochelle and have lunch at Christopher Coutanceau’s two star restaurant.

The Charente department, part of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, is full of treasures, natural sites and a rich heritage. After this long journey (this reading), we hope that you will leave with some great ideas for a romantic stay, a wellness or luxury weekend, as a couple, with friends, alone or with family. The Charente has many advantages. Don’t wait any longer to book a room or suite in a Charente spa hotel. You’ll leave with unforgettable memories of the region, close to nature, and enjoy a French territory that has not yet fallen victim to mass tourism!

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