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Sylvotherapy to feel good in 2021

In the middle of the forest and trees of many species, recharge your batteries with sylvotherapy…

Recognized as a preventive and naturopathic practice, sylvotherapy – or shinrin-yoku – acts fully on the body and well-being. It is above all thanks to the phytoncides. These particles generated by the trees help strengthen your immune system and lower your cortisol level, the main stress hormone.

A true journey of the senses, this practice has virtues and benefits on multiple levels.

Its impact on the physical and health is real. We observe, for example, that sylvotherapy favors the reduction of cardiovascular risks and blood pressure. It helps stabilize the nervous system. It also increases the production of NK cells, the “natural killer” cells, which have intrinsic anti-tumor properties.


Its positive effects are also felt on our mental and sensory systems.  It allows us to evolve our relationship with everyday life and with nature. Thanks to Arbotherapy, we find a certain synchronization between mind and body, we stimulate our creativity… we let go. We offer ourselves a real disconnection that allows us to refocus, to concentrate more. It is an opportunity to focus on oneself and on nature.

Se mettre au vert, au cœur d’une nature unique, à la recherche d’une belle dose de sérénité !

And why not stop at the feeling of disconnection that sylvotherapy provides? Indeed, it has a real capacity to protect us from hyperstimulation and different types of pollution. The air in the forest is electrically neutral, while in the city it is charged with positive ions that have negative consequences on health.


This is what makes these forest baths unique and saving moments where walking becomes meditative and soothing. We can only advise you to go to the green, in the heart of a unique nature, in search of a nice dose of serenity!

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