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Loire Valley Lodges, an exceptional stay in lodges on stilts

Forest bath in the Loire Valley

“The forest is still a bit of paradise lost. God did not want the first garden to be erased by the first sin” Marcel Aymé
We have found a corner of the lost paradise, in a protected area in the middle of the Loire Valley Castles.

A unique hotel in the middle of the woods

Close your eyes, listen to the silence. Or rather the soft rustling of the trees and the whisper of the wind. Learn to breathe again, to reconnect with your roots. And lose yourself in the woods to better find your childlike soul. Is this impossible? No, thanks to Anne Caroline Frey, a place full of serenity and benevolence has just been created in the middle of a magnificent wild forest. A magical place, composed of 18 lodges and a farmhouse, in a private domain of 300 hectares.

An open-air contemporary art gallery.

Here, everything is calm and delightful. Contemporary art is everywhere. Thus, each lodge has been designed by a contemporary artist. You will stay at Paradis d’Adam et Rêve, designed by Charlelie Couture. Unless you prefer Michel Audiard’s Wings of Desire. Wood is obviously everywhere. Douglas, oak, chestnut are used for the constructions. Imagine yourself comfortably installed on the terrace that extends your room. Is it hot? Your private jacuzzi is waiting for you, for a bath in the middle of the trees!


Monumental works of art are scattered in the forest and around the farmhouse. Art and nature become one.

Relearning to breathe with trees

Here you can relax, far from the hustle and bustle of the city. Take advantage of the 20-meter long swimming pool and its wooden deck in the middle of aromatic plants. Or sit in the summer lounge and browse through one of the books borrowed from the hotel’s library. And don’t forget to savor the gourmet cuisine of Chef Hippolyte Decher, who honors the products of the garden.


Need to let go? Professionals, brought together by Anne Caroline, will lead you on the path to disconnect. No spa here, but everything happens in your lodge or in the nature.
Vincent Karche will take you for a forest bath and a randolyric. Emotion guaranteed!
Yoga enthusiasts are not forgotten, a room is provided for this purpose in the main lodge.


Celine Connan or Anne Caroline, the hostess, will teach you how to manage your stress thanks to the Breathing Coach, developed by Jean-Marie Defossez.
This inner journey will lead you to the rediscovery of your senses. And you will be surprised to dance with the trees!



At Loire Valley Lodges, the forest is everywhere and promises you an exceptional sensory stay, thanks to the benefits of sylvotherapy and the incredible energy released by the omnipresent nature. Be prepared to come back transformed.

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