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Self-massage, a practice with multiple benefits for body and mind

A homemade massage

We are not all aware of it, but we all practice self-massage on a daily basis, each in his or her own way. By massaging our temples to relieve a migraine, or by rubbing our hands in the morning at the office before starting a long day to stimulate our energy. Each of us has his own way of doing it for the same purpose, to quickly relieve pain and stimulate the body.
Self-massage is dynamic and promotes harmony of body and mind. It can be practiced in different ways, using fingertips or the palms of the hands, while sitting, standing, moving or just being static. However, self-massage is an act that can be prepared in a few essential steps:


  •  Sitting in a quiet place and devoting a moment without distraction.
  •  Put essential oils in a diffuser to create a relaxing and conducive atmosphere for the practice.
  • Warm your hands to create heat, which is essential to stimulate the body.
Automassage, une pratique aux multiples bienfaits pour le corps et l’esprit

Types of self-massage :

This practice can be divided into two distinct categories according to the desired effect. We find the relaxing self-massage and the energizing self-massage.
Relaxing self-massage: it aims to eliminate accumulated tension after a long day. It is generally applied to the legs or arms.
The energizing self-massage: it aims to replenish the body with energy and can be applied to certain areas of the body such as the face, eyes or ears.

Automassage, une pratique aux multiples bienfaits pour le corps et l’esprit

The benefits of self-massage :

Self-massage has long since proven its worth given its countless benefits. Indeed, this type of massage allows, among other things, to :


  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Removing tension
  • Stimulate the blood and lymphatic network
  • Eliminate toxins
  •  Recovering serenity
  •  Improve the quality of sleep
Automassage, une pratique aux multiples bienfaits pour le corps et l’esprit

A weekly or daily appointment according to your desires

In order to amplify the benefits of self-massage, it is advisable to practice it at least once a week for best results. The practice is generally done in the morning, but can also be done at any time of the day. However, for an optimum effect, it is advisable to set a regular time slot for self-massage. It can be done in the morning to tone up, during the coffee break at work to stimulate concentration or at night before going to bed to promote sleep.

Automassage, une pratique aux multiples bienfaits pour le corps et l’esprit

Some examples of self-massage practice :

The self-massage of the feet :

Feet are very much in demand on a daily basis, they play a very important role as they support the weight of our body. This explains why we feel a common fatigue in our lower limbs. In order to overcome this, we need to :
– Massage the soles of the feet with our thumbs from the heel to the toes.
– Squeeze each toe and then gently stretch them in gentle rotations.
– Remove knots from the ankles with a circular motion.
– Finish by pressing on the whole foot

The self-massage of the face :

On a daily basis, we all have a tendency, under the effect of fatigue, to unconsciously contract the jaw or wrinkle the forehead and eyes. Result: we find ourselves with tense features that encourage the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. And since the face reflects our internal balance, it is therefore essential to give it back its freshness. To do so, we can:
– Stimulate the inner corner of the eye.
– Exert pressure on the eyebrows from the inside to the outside.
– Smooth the forehead by placing our hands on the forehead from the inside to the outside while keeping our eyes closed and relaxing the muscles of the face.

Self-massage is therefore a practice that must be adopted at least once a week to benefit from all its advantages. The only effort we have to make is to listen to our body. In order to know its needs and to respond to them with the corresponding type of self-massage. During this period when we are all at home, why not try to get to know each other better. And Why don’t we allow ourselves a little moment of relaxation?


Photo credit: Yoan Boyer, Chelsea Shapouri, Christin Hume, Rune Enstad, Angelica Echeverry

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