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Responsible and sustainable, Sothys launches its “Organics” range

Total facelift for the Beauty Garden range launched in 2008 by Bernard Mas. Sothys confirms its ecological claims with a new series of Organic cosmetic products: Sothys Organics. Novelty allowing to enter a growing market that is not unknown to it. Indeed, the green and responsible dimension of Sothys cosmetics was already so present that it is surprising to have a range called “Organic”.  This is why we have here a more accomplished proposal than a simple organic label added to the other ranges.

Why Sothys Organics

The naturalness has always been part of the Sothys DNA, as evidenced by its famous botanical garden that we had the privilege of visiting for you. So, organic joins the Sothys offer replacing a pre-existing range (complementary offer in the 30min short treatment menus). Estheticianand Hotel Spa will automatically have access to the organic range among the essentials.


The goal was therefore to offer the Sothys quality in organic. Following 3 years of back and forth with the laboratory, the company can boast of offering us a vegan range certified organic Ecocert Cosmos Organic*.


Sothys Organics deploys eco-sourced active ingredients including birch sap, an active ingredient with properties that have been recognized for centuries in northern Europe… Strong promise of sensoriality, with fresh, aniseed-scented skincare for an immediate glow.

What are the organically grown materials chosen by Sothys ?

The main biological active ingredients of the Sothys Organics ™ line are harvested in France.


  • Birch sap: Harvested a few kilometers from the Jardins de Sothys. The manual harvest is carried out between the rise of the sap in the birch and ends when the first buds open. Rich in sugars and minerals, birch sap is known for its moisturizing and revitalizing properties.
  • Hawthorn floral water: Harvested in France, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. This water concentrated in active molecules offers soothing and toning properties.
  • Oleo-extract of honeysuckle: Harvested in France, southern Ardeche. Obtained by maceration, the Oleo is known for its regenerative and softening properties.
  • Alfalfa: Grown in France, in Charente Maritime and in the Drôme. Known for its ability to stimulate the synthesis of collagen (+201%), Alfalfa is rich in galactomannans.
Les actifs biologiques principaux de la ligne Sothys Organics ™ sont récoltés en France.

Discover the Sothys Organics range: prices, products and availability

Like all Sothys products, Sothys Organics will be sold in partner institutes and spas like Le Chabichou or Black Bass Annecy. Also find the collection directly on the brand’s website. Be aware that a 30-minute fresh glow treatment was also concocted for the cabin!


With very affordable prices between €26 and €35, Sothys Organics takes on the cosmetic standards: makeup remover oil, day care, scrub and mask.


The little extra?


Sothys is committed to packaging with up to 21% less plastic. 95% of packaging comes from Europe with 100% of cardboard and paper from sustainably managed forests. An eco-design approach carried out in partnership with the Plasticbank organization.

Découverte de la gamme Sothys Organics : prix, produits et disponibilités
Comme tous les produits Sothys, Sothys Organics sera commercialisée sur son site et les hôtels avec spa partenaires.

*How to get the Cosmos Organic label

In order to obtain the “Cosmos Organic” label, the composition, the transformation process as well as the packaging are evaluated before being put on the market. Thus, 95% of the plants present in the formula must be organic. This same formula must contain a minimum of 20% organic ingredients.


The obtaining and processing of the ingredients must be environmentally friendly and human health friendly while being derived from green chemistry.


Packaging should be ecological, recyclable and minimized. With labeling providing the naturally derived and organic ingredient content.

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