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Château Berger Cosmetics: Continuity of excellence

Château Berger Cosmetics : Continuity of excellence

Château Berger is a French cosmetics house created by Laurence Fogli and her two daughters Lilou and Marion. Adepts of clean cosmetics, they have developed products with healthy formulas to guarantee the youthful effect at any age.


Whether you are 20, 40 or 60 years old, you will find your happiness among the products offered, according to your skin type.


In collaboration with chemists, the brand offers a range of 20 transgenerational products composed of hyaluronic acid.


The signature treatments also include marine active ingredients and natural plant extracts from nature. They are the essence of the brand’s identity. Redensifying the dermis, unifying the skin’s texture and moisturizing it for a fresh and luminous effect!


Château Berger has thought of everything. From the packaging to the texture of the products, to guarantee there customers a premium beauty routine and a memorable sensory experience.


Château Berger is today a brand present in France and abroad at the Parmount Hotel in Dubai

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