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The ephemeral exhibition of the Hotel Royal

The Hotel Royal is nestled at the foot of the French Alps in the heart of a park overlooking the Léman lake. He crosses the seasons and eras with absolute assurance. The Royal therefore reflects the perfect blend of Belle Epoque charm and contemporary design. This jewel was renovated in 2015.  he was thus able to rediscover its majestic facade and its collection of contemporary works of art, which it continues to enrich.


The Palace now holds an important collection dedicated to contemporary art with 843 originals and original prints signed by major artists. The works are exhibited in different ways so that each room is unique. As for the Walls of the Palace, they are adorned with 400 black and white photos.


This year, the Hôtel Royal made the acquisition of seven original prints by Jacques-Henri Lartigue. For the occasion, the hotel is organizing an exclusive ephemeral exhibition until November 1st.


Discovered in the central rotunda, the library of the Grand Salon and the corridors on the first floor. Moreover, it is open to guests and accessible to non-residents. You can therefore access it at lunch or even at tea time at the Royal Hotel or the Hermitage.


Today, the Hotel Royal has established itself as a place of culture and expression. Its clientele is attached to the purity of the landscape and to many distractions.

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