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A rejuvenating cure at the new Cala Rossa Spa

The Spa at Cala Rossa has taken advantage of the winter to reinvent itself with the aim of offering its guests, whether staying for a day or longer, an even more original sensory experience. This is your chance to treat yourself to a sunny rejuvenation cure with exceptional, 100% naturaltreatments at Spa Nucca. Reopening on 27 April.

A new setting in the heart of lush, unspoilt nature

The Spa’s new spaces are a sensory experience, a cocoon whose curves and light invite you to let go. Immersed in nature, it establishes a continuous dialogue between the indoor and outdoor spaces. This beautiful 550m2 setting features a palette of raw, natural materials: whitewashed walls, oak and white Taj-Mahal marble for the floors, walls, showers and worktops in the seven spacious, bright cabins. The various immaculate curtains play beautifully with the light and reinforce the inside/outside effect. The swimming pool, with its alcoves designed as wellness retreats, and its organically shaped sofas, encourages relaxation. The sauna with its Nordic ambience in wood and the hammam in marble mosaic offer a timeless interlude. Here, beauty is hidden in the detail, giving this place a timeless, harmonious aesthetic.

Tailor-made clean beauty treatments to optimise your youth capital

The Spa at Cala Rossa invites you to reconnect with nature, to findmental and psychological calm and to regenerate better. Nucca products have been developed in synergy with its natural environment overlooking the sea. They are highly concentrated in natural active ingredients from rigorously selected plants for lasting benefits.


The quality of the treatments combined with personalised protocols, tailor-made gestures and advice from the practitioners will increase the benefits of your well-being tenfold.

The Cure of Youth

Four exclusive treatments have been developed to optimise your youthfulness:


The complete regenerating treatment, the Spa’s flagship treatment, the face is luminous, regenerated, plumped up and smoothed of all tension thanks to the powers of plants from the maquis and the perfect mastery of the practitioners’ movements.


The re-boost treatment targets the face, neck and legs, where the stresses of everyday life accumulate, and has been specially developed to smooth the skin and erase all traces of fatigue.


The complete firming and anti-ageing treatment, a very complete regenerating and tissue-firming treatment. It moisturises, nourishes, protects, boosts and restores the epidermis in depth.


The excellence by Nucca treatment, a marvellous combination of a flash radiance-energy treatment and the ancestral Japanese KOBIDO beauty ritual. It provides absolute relaxation for the face. The skin’s radiance and tone are restored thanks to a combination of highly effective natural active ingredients, including the new “Skin Slackening” serum, a veritable concentrate of longevity for the epidermis.


Each formula is designed to minimise its impact on the environment, thanks to the use of natural active ingredients and the rigorous choice of responsible packaging.


At Spa Nucca, sustainable rhymes with desirable.

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