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Return of the British on the French ski resorts!

The smartest and most stubborn British ski enthusiasts had been able to avoid the rules imposed by the French government by going through Italy and Switzerland. But since the warning that the rules for entering France from England have been relaxed in French ski resorts, a large number of British tourists have made their reservations. This is a good thing for the French ski resorts.

The level of reservations increases by 30% in the resorts of Savoie and Haute-Savoie.

Usually, 30% of the tourist meeting of the 3 Valleys resort is represented by customers from across the Channel. But since last December, English nationals had to present a compelling reason to enter France. The resort was able to count a level of occupancy of the provision of minus 10%, minus 15%, minus 20% in December, says the deputy minister who deals with mountain tourism and SMEs.


Resort owners did not wait long to see the reappearance of these tourists. “It’s a divine surprise,” says the owner of the Hotel Le Lodji. En effet, 16 000 sur 18 000 des réservations recensées au moment de l’annonce de l’allègement des conditions d’entrée sur le territoire français proviennent des habitués anglais.


Les professionnels misent amplement sur la suite de la saison avec l’allègement de ces limitations, alors que les hésitations pressent autour de l’installation du pass vaccinal. Cependant, le retour des Anglais donne de l’espoir aux stations de montagne.


« Les touristes britanniques nous affirment qu’ils arriveront dans les jours qui viennent et qu’ils repasseront bien sûr à Pâques. They will join us twice and it’s a good thing for us,” says the director of the tourist office of Saint Martin-Les Ménuires.


To fill the gaps, the Savoyard ski resort Mont-Blanc plans to spread a major initiative of dispatch, supported to the tune of 600,000 euros by the regions of Savoie and Haute-Savoie, adjusted to captivate the French and young people. The English tourists spend every year advantageous sums approaching the billion euros in the alpine ski agencies.

The MMV group, pure actor of the stays club in height, is delighted by this declaration.

Following the declaration of Matignon today via a press release concerning the measures on the entry of the English in France, MMV is again ready to receive them in its alpine hotels. MMV, is delighted with this statement and to be able to welcome back its visitors who have been accustomed to the group’s inns and club houses for several years.


As regular guests at Christmas and New Year, the shortfall was made up this year by a flood of French nationals. As a result of these few days of absence of the British in the ski agencies, MMV also speculates on a postponement of the accommodations that were programmed for this holiday period, as soon as this declaration is effectively applied.


MMV also defines that the declaration of the government will admit to secure the second part of January even if the reservations made in England are mainly important on the second and third week of February.


The group expects that this statement will change the allocation and that the share of English tourists will improve. If some symbolic destinations such as Tignes, Flaine, Val Thorens, Ménuires or Sainte Foy Tarentaise remain generally appreciated by this clientele adept of the French mountains, the entirety of the destinations put forward by MMV are also available on the British exchange in entitled hotel club as well as in housing club.

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