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New collaboration between GM Group and Omnisens

What a pleasure it is to discover the new collaboration between the GM Group and Omnisens! After the success of the previous “Omnisens silk reflection” line, the brand is back with new products. Bringing the spa into your bathroom, this is the promise of this new range of home products. Let yourself be enchanted by the scents of white tea, green tea and bergamot of these products composed of 90 to 98% natural ingredients. Enjoy the pleasure of the spa by Omnisens and go in search of well-being and the exaltation of the senses.

A hotel & spa experience at home with Omnisens

Created in 2008 by Joëlle Guillemot, the Omnisens brand and the “spa Omnisens” concept offer to live the spa experience at home, in a fresh and flowery universe. Many products quickly became best-sellers, such as the “Omnisens reflet de soie” line. The spa by Omnisens is a quest for well-being and serenity. And as its name suggests, every sense is involved. Silky textures, intoxicating scents, soft and uncluttered packaging… Indulge yourself with this new range of home products.


This line of products is good for your body and mind, but also for the planet. Whether they’re made from bio-based sugar cane or recycled plastic, the dispensers are a testament to the brand’s eco-responsible approach, which aligns perfectly with GM Group’s Care About Earth program.

Discover the Omnisens line

In this new line of products, find a shower bath gel, hair and body gel, shampoo, conditioner and body lotion among others. Everything to make your own spa by Omnisens. Inspired by the world of the Fraîcheur Tonique range, these products will perfume your bathroom with the sweet scents of green tea, white tea and bergamot. You will also find in the gift kit a dry oil, one of the flagship products of the “Omnisens silk reflections” range. To complete your personalized spa Omnisens session, you can use the soap, massage soap, exfoliating soap and bath salts. Finally, take care of your hands with the hand cream.


The products are available in tubes ranging from 30 to 55 ml but also find the Ecopump dispensers from 300 ml to 400 ml. These bottles are made of recycled and recyclable plastic and can be kept and the pouch, which is also recyclable, can be changed. The Ecosource technology used for the hair and body gel, the liquid soap and the conditioner means that no preservatives are used in the formulas of these products.

Collaboration entre Groupe GM et Omnisens

Where to find Omnisens products

Thanks to the GM Group’s network, this new line can be found in the finest hotels around the world. From Asia to America, the group distributes its products in over seventy countries.


Find the whole range also on :


Why we love it

Whether it’s the Spa by Omnisens line or the brand’s other products, the formulas are paraben-free, mineral oil-free and mostly dye-free. They are dermatologically tested products and not tested on animals.


This new range combines product quality, ecological awareness and innovation for the happiness of Omnisens Spa enthusiasts.

Introduction to the GM Group

The GM Group has been an international player in the hotel hospitality products sector for over 45 years. It designs, creates and manufactures cosmetic and accessory lines to offer hospitality products that are perfectly adapted to the needs of hotel establishments and respectful of nature. Thanks to its extensive international network, the group distributes products in over 70 countries. In addition to its own brands and those with which it has signed exclusive agreements, the group offers more than 30 brands in the fields of cosmetics, fashion, design and spa.


All GM Group products are part of the Care about Earth program. Its vocation is to always seek eco-responsible alternatives to single-use plastic and fossil fuels in order to reduce the group’s environmental impact.

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