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Cocao : iced tea with cocoa beans

Betjeman & Barton

Chocolate Addicts: Cocao is made for you!

The Betjeman & Barton Tea House revisits the world of cocoa with Cocao… an original and energizing iced infusion with cocoa bean shells.
So far and so close to chocolate, this infusion renews the taste sensations. It invites you to discover the cocoa bean in a new light. Rich in flavonoids and possessing a powerful antioxidant capacity, cocoa beans are our best allies in the fight against the action of free radicals.


Eating bean shells in infusion is good for your health and your morale!

Four infusions or nothing!

Two natural infusions from Plantations Mangaro (Madagascar) and Los Anconès Bio (Dominican Republic) are real invitations to travel. They transport by their delicate aromas. The Vanilla-Caramel and Orange-Spice scented infusions are softer and more subtle.


The delicacy, the benefits, the scent of chocolate without making you feel guilty, you can’t dream of anything better.

Cocao Infusion de Cacao betjeman and barton

Real invitations to travel.

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