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Caïs Sorbet Cocktail

Have you ever had a chilled cocktail?

With its new tasting format under the concept of “cocktail sorbet”, Caïs is revolutionising the world of cocktails.
Meticulously prepared with respect for the product and the consumer, these cocktail sorbets are available in three ranges: “Classic”, “Innovation” and “Collaboration”, to surprise your senses with refinement and pleasure.
Let us mention that the company is mainly involved in events in the Ile-de-France region. So this young company will be opening its first boutique in Paris this summer!

It seems that the world of glaciers will never cease to surprise us. Revisiting this timeless art through the creation of cocktails is a beautiful playful experience that we would like you to discover! Meeting the young innovative team of Caïs is potentially your great idea for the day’s entertainment.

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