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What if dealing with stress was child’s play? What if getting older was a pleasure?

A true pioneering brand, L.RAPHAEL has revolutionized the science of anti-aging skincare with a clever combination of ultra-modern medical and wellness therapies and ultra-luxurious services at the cutting edge of technology, while at the same time placing itself under the symbol of scientific research, thus shaping its worldwide reputation and bringing it to some of the most sought-after locations in the world such as Geneva, Cannes, New York, Beverly Hills and Jaffa.
The quintessence of the L.RAPHAEL programme lies in the way it reveals the true beauty in you, which, radiating from within, also sublimates you on the outside.


L.RAPHAEL thus offers a wide range of revolutionary treatments and cares, with technology that uses oxygen, ultrasound and anti-gravity therapies and delivers formulations of exclusive ingredients of the highest quality, to bring you absolute comfort as you regain vitality.

By encouraging a lifestyle that promotes good health, wellness and joy, we help our clients become the best version of themselves.

L.RAPHAEL: The fruit of a prodigious commitment

The treatments are so scientifically advanced that the results have proven that they work more effectively to stimulate collagen production, radically reversing the signs of aging. Similarly, the brand offers personalized programs through medical tests carried out to determine the body’s needs in order to achieve optimal health balance.


The personal investment of Ronit Raphael, President & Founder of L. RAPHAEL has its origins in personal experience. Indeed, at the age of 18, Ronit tested a peel that burned her skin to the second degree. From then on, she devoted all her energy and time to researching the best treatments, meeting the most prestigious scientists and dermatologists from all over the world.
The high standards and scope of her work are such that she is quickly establishing herself as a world leader in the beauty industry. She is also considered a pioneer in her holistic approach to beauty. Indeed, she developed the Seven Foundations, based on seven key elements of our way of life. Thus, she gives us the recipe to develop a perfect harmony between body and mind.

A holistic approach to beauty

“By encouraging a lifestyle that promotes good health, wellness and joy, we help our clients become the best version of themselves”.
However, the brand’s commitment to self-optimization goes far beyond body care.
Indeed, L.RAPHAEL has a range of the most refined and luxurious institutes, taking you to a total change of scenery. Thus, it is brought about by exploring the senses and regaining one’s vitality in absolute comfort.


You wish to enjoy the benefits of the brand but you are short of time? L.RAPHAEL offers the ultimate solution and provides you with a tailor-made and exclusive service. You can enjoy your own private spa, whether in the privacy of your home, yacht or office, anywhere in the world. In addition, we offer a complete service, including the latest technology and product updates. Finally, you will benefit from the expert knowledge of the staff including the Seven Beauty Fundamentals approach.


Ultimately, L.RAPHAEL is excellence in the service of well-being, an escape to return to our roots, but above all, the emanation of self-love and full awareness of the world around us.


Marie-Hélène MARTY

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