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Galance Made in Provence


We went to meet the founders of GALANCE, a brand full of authenticity and refinement. A true reinterpretation of the white summer truffle in a unique care with unequalled softness. Discover its history and its flavours, which go back to the very foundations of Provence.

A family story

First of all, there was no sign of its birth since its creators, two farming cousins, had grown up outside the world of cosmetics. However, their shared passion for the truffle, which they have been cultivating for more than a decade, led them to study all its varieties. This is why they set out to discover the benefits it provides to our skin. Originally, they wanted to share their innovations with those around them who wanted to take care of their skin. However, the lack of transparency of the companies led these two cousins to make a new bet. They needed to launch a brand that would meet their personal aspirations and values. Thus, they had to be reflected in the manufacturing process of the products. GALANCE therefore turned to Laboratoire Germandré.


On the one hand, it has a reputation for making health and the environment a priority. On the other hand, it combines these issues in a quest for ultimate excellence. Such ethical values naturally convinced the creators to join forces with him. From then on, they focused on the exceptional virtues of the white summer truffle. Today, it has become the signature ingredient of this audacious brand. Similarly, it is in this way that it is launching its very first top-of-the-range product: GALANCE YOUTH CREAM.

Truffes Crème de visage par Galance

The fruit of passionate work

An essential product of the Provencal terroir, the white summer truffle is concentrated in vitamins A and E. A true natural botox, it also activates the production of collagen, thus accelerating cell regeneration. In addition, it acts on melanin to erase pigmentation spots, making the skin more uniform and luminous.


Representing the culmination of hard work, the cutting-edge formulation of YOUTH CREAM is now 98% natural products, combining natural active ingredients such as immortelle, grape seed oil, and organic jojoba oil.


Its generous and melting texture brings a luminous glow to the complexion instantly. Similarly, it offers a real experience of softness and voluptuousness from the moment it is applied. Always in search of the highest quality and respect for our environment, the majority of the components of this marvellous cream are local, testifying to the love that the creators of the brand have for their native land, in relation to which they have remained humble, aware of the privilege that the nourishing earth offers them and the extraordinary bond that unites them. GALANCE has particularly marked us by its human dimension, and represents the concrete expression of a sincere desire to offer genuine products in total transparency, ultra respectful of the skin, but also of our environment.


If it represents the fruit of meticulous work, it has also been able to remain in the continuity of a family passion while reinventing it and keeping the authenticity that is so dear to its founders.

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